Disco Robot Workshop

Make your own little dancing robot-creature!

9 Apr 2010
10 Apr 2010

See the fantastic results on Christian Faubels website.

Ralf and Christian are our favorite roboticians. With their funny and super creative ideas, participants of all levels can make amazing tiny robots, with very little material, in a very short time. The results give permanent joy!


Robot Disco Party - Deborah M. Kōdō


Ralf Schreiber and Christian Faubel are giving amazing robot workshops at Mediamatic since 2006. Every year we invite them, and every time they have new ideas for very cool robots. Made with very little materials and accessible for people of all levels. Contrary to what people use to think, these robots are not expensive and do not require complex programming.
Ralf and Christian will be assisted by Cordula Körber (who came up with the brilliant Schmelzolan part of last year's robotic workshops).


In one and a half day you will learn how to make a walker robot that moves all by itself!
The first day we start with the technical part, where you solder the circuit and work on the mechanics of the walker.
The second day you start customizing your little robot walker and make it look like a crazy colorful shiny creature.
Another workshop will take place simultaneously where children and their parents will make robot masks. (Read more about this shortly). Both workshops are finished at the same time, and then a DJ will play some funky tunes to which we can all together make a mini disco party!