Robotic Mask Workshop

Flashy faces and bleeping heads.

10 Apr 2010
10 Apr 2010

In this one-day workshop you will make a mask with electronics. The result is a robotic mask that can blink lights or make sounds.


Picture by Christian Faubel - Robotic goggles.


Ralf Schreiber and Christian Faubel are giving amazing robot workshops at Mediamatic since 2006. Every year we invite them, and every time they have new ideas for very cool robots. Made with very little materials and accessible for people of all levels. Contrary to what people use to think, these robots are not expensive and do not require complex programming.
Ralf and Christian will be assisted by Cordula Körber (who came up with the brilliant Schmelzolan part of last year's robotic workshops).

Workshop set-up

To various pieces of fabric we will add a simple circuit to enhance the mask. The circuit transforms light into sound or light into movement / vibrations. With the mask people can transform into robots or disco-beasts!
Half of the workshop is used to solder the circuit and pieces together. The other half is used for customizing and preparing the performance. The workshop team will bring the circuits but also some fancy materials to customize the mask, as well as special headphones and goggles that will be used for the disco performance.
A group of people that started a day earlier will join the performance with the freshly made disco walker robots. With them, the disco party is complete!

Information and registration

The workshop costs € 30 and has to be paid or pinned on the spot. This includes the mask and circuit. We serve coffee and tea (with cookies). Lunch is D.I.Y.
We have space for 16 participants, so register quickly by clicking the magenta RSVP button. Ten days before the workshop starts we mail a reminder and some practical information. The workshop is from 10.00 - 18.00 including the mini disco party.
If you have questions or need more information, please contact Deborah Meibergen.