Ikebana Competition

In Mediamatic's Night Garden

6 Jan 2007
6 Jan 2007

On this beautiful, yet quite chilly night Mediamatic organized a Freestyle ikebana competition for absolute beginners!

The Flower and Plant music was selected by dj Andre and it was the last chance to solder your own special, tiny robot and t0 eat a delicious sprouts dinner.


Ikebana Contest at Mediamatic - photo Marco Wessel Sprout cigarette by Arne Hendriks photo Marco Wessel

Grow Yer Own Dang Food: Kiem Cuisine project by Debra Solomon.

Check out this site for more info!

Ikebana Competition:

Invisible Iva:

What was for supper?

potato mash
truffle potato mash
pumpkin mash
onion marmelade
ginger crackling

and plenty of sprout and cress!!

and for those who loved meat:

side orders of sausage and bacon: 3 euro
- organically grown and local pork sausage in the Gelderse style
or organically grown local lamb
- organically grown local spekjes (bacon)

concept by: Debra solomon / Culiblog.org