robotics and interactive art

24 Mar 2006
26 Mar 2006

With the third version of Cockroach controlled robot, Nervous by Markus Lerner, a large version of 44/13 by Mateusz Herczka, The washing powder conspiracy by Pipslab, and also Addictive TV, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, ELF (electronic life forms), Marnix de Nijs and his contraptions, Mouse on Mars, Atom heart, and lectures by Dirk van Weelden, Bas Haring and others.

In case you didn't have time to lounge in the ELF garden at Ars, or to break your arm on Run motherfucker, run, a comfortably extensive overview served with some Detroit techno will be located in the ex-Philips space Strijp-S. The electronics are spreading.

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