Colliding Realities Workshop

A realtime SuperCollider workshop by Alberto de Campo and Hannes Hoelzl

20 Oct 2010
23 Oct 2010

Four day workshop building advanced live electronic music setups with master SuperCollider programmers and music tech gurus Alberto de Campo and Hannes Hoelzl.

SuperCollider experts welcome!
SuperCollider beginners welcome!


Live Performance System - Jonathan Reus

This workshop explores the possibilities of just-in-time programming with SuperCollider to create real-time performances of computer music. We will study flexible, extensible and reliable integration of JITLib-based instruments with a wide variety of controllers. Each day's coding session is followed by a practice session to evaluate the our work in live performance conditions, in solo or ensemble arrangements.

Dates: October 20 - 23
Times: 10:00 - 17:00 each day
Cost: € 150 ( € 130 limited offer for registered students )
Location: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam

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Workshop Schedule //

Day 1: Continuous sounds with JITLib - NodeProxy, ProxySpace, Ndef

  • quasi analog synthesis
  • exploring UGens and combinations
  • using effects chains
  • storing results as code and sound
  • Play !

Day 2: Tasks and patterns with JITLib - Tdef, Pdef, SynthDefs

  • writing event based sounds (SynthDefs)
  • playing structures in time with controllable parameters
  • using patterns as sound sources that can be processed
  • storing results as code and sound
  • Play !

Day 3: Performances interfaces with JITLib in hard- and software - GUIs, MIDI, HID devices, GamePads, Manta etc.

  • attaching controllers to sound processes, tasks, and patterns
  • Extension Libraries (Quarks): JITLibExtensions, MIDIKtl, GamePad, Manta,
  • - or anything that sends OSC, HID, or MIDI -
  • Play !

Day 4: Performance setups - Putting it all together:

  • finetune sounds/instruments;
  • adapt scalings, ranges, fixed params for playing with controllers;
  • ways to switch between different uses of the same controller;
  • integrating instruments and controllers into one easy to use and extend setup.
  • Play !

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