Sonic Tags Workshop

10 Oct 2005
16 Oct 2005

As an offshoot of the Re:Activism conference, Sonic Tags workshop aims to do a bit of city-programming, filling dedicated parts of Budapest with unusual sounds, words, atmospheres, through creating event triggered, localized broadcasts of poetic instances.

The one-week workshop is planned to embrace both

-hands on prototyping of simple broadcast technologies,
as well as
-developing the poetics of micro-broadcasts,
-defining and recording event triggered messages, ending with the results broadcasted over special parts of the city.

Since the workshop provides both creative writing exercises as well as technical assistance, no prior knowledge of these are required.
As Re: Activism is a big and hopefully quite exciting conference, we presume the city is going to be full of people wanting to get a glimpse of interesting places in Budapest, so take it as a challenge!
The corresponding workshop is taking place in close cooperation between conference organiser MOKK, independent media-development team Nextlab, and community radio Tilos, with active artists, poets, architects, creative technologists and DJ's.
Special guest participants of the workshop include Welsh sound poet, and author of unusual literary city-guide Real Cardiff, Peter Finch, and for the Hungarian feel, our folk-surreal Lajos Parti Nagy (a long time favourite of Tilos radio listeners).

How to apply

If you are ready to actively get to know and transform Budapest for a couple of days, please send us an e-mail with your:
- statement of interest (5 sentences)
- short bio
- links to your work (if)


- We are able to cover your accommodation costs
- as for travel, we are happy to provide you letters of invitation for your local grants, you will also find a good number of cheap flights to Budapest on the net (Wizzair, SkyEurope, AirBerlin....),
Sound artists are encouraged to bring their own ideas in a prerecorded format, but we will have possibilities to record and do post-production on the spot as well