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21 Apr 2006
22 Apr 2006

Cocoa (the object-oriented application programming environment developed by Apple for the Mac OSX operating system) is a happy API. In celebration of such a happy API, Cocoa developers from around and about were conglomerating to spend a weekend hacking and hawing, and hopefully leaving with something new compiled on their system. Everyone was invited to hack and haw with us, and do a presentation or two.


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Anything Goes

CocoaDevHouse was another sibling in the unconference genre: everyone's cool and everyone's invited. An ad-hoc manner for presenting, working and helping each other, the DevHouses, BarCamps and other InterCapitalizedHappenings were popping up like mad on fertile grounds. With the European Mac Expo but days away at that time, there was no better idea than to plant a CocoaDevHouse for the coders in town.

CocoaDevHouse was housed inside Mediamatic's Le Mepris exhibition, modelled after J.L. Godard's film of 1963. You didn't have to come for Cocoa: Carbon, Toolbox and POSIX were welcome too. You could also make hand drawn GUIs. Our motto was: Anything goes.

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