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8 Jan 2011
  • 19:30
  • Paradiso
  • Weteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam

Op 8 januari geeft London Calling Presents een nieuwjaarsborrel met de Amerikaanse band Tennis en de Nederlandse band Bird on the Wire, maar ook champagne en nog iets heel bijzonders. Tijdens de borrel ontvangen alle aanwezigen namelijk een London Calling ledenpas die een hele hoop voordeel, voorrang en korting biedt. Meld je aan voor de gastenlijst van de London Calling Presents nieuwjaarsborrel via londoncalling [at]


Tennis - bron


Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore met while studying philosophy in college. The two agreed that upon graduating they would sell their collective possessions and leave behind their lives in Denver. They planned to buy a small sailboat and spend the next year living aboard and traveling exclusively under sail. For years this dream was carefully nurtured while preparations were made. Learning to sail and selecting a boat is difficult to accomplish from a landlocked state. Their nautical self-education consisted of a steady diet of how-to books and videos.
They were motivated by stories shared by sailors like Joshua Slocum, or Lin and Larry Pardey. On a sailboat minimalism transcends efficiency. There are no schedules, no agendas, or the many concerns that come with modern life. A sailor cares only for the direction of the wind and the condition of the water. Riley and Moore did not want their perception of the world to be shaped by spreadsheets, or facts gleaned in classrooms. They wanted a life of experience unmediated by people or things, a life of intimate participation with their environment. Cell phones, television, household appliances, the conveniences of modern life were traded for simplicity and contentment. A return to evenings spent indulging in the profound silence of the remotest regions, far from the yellowy glow of civilization.

Voyaging along the North Atlantic coastline for seven months at an average speed of five miles an hour lends itself to reordering one’s priorities. The long way is the beautiful one. The hard way is the most rewarding. Two years after completing their 2500 nautical mile voyage, Riley and Moore’s experience has led them to seek out a new endeavor. Their music bears the mark of months spent alone with the sea and each other. It is tinged with the sweet affection of new lovers. It bears the uncluttered aesthetic of time spent in remote and uninhabited regions. Their music is a modest attempt to translate an old truth rediscovered. Their album will be released by Fat Possum in January 2011.

Bird on the Wire

Met oude orgeltjes, accordeon, drums, gitaar, xylofoon en blaaspiano maakt Bird on the Wire uit Amsterdam poëtische folk/indie liedjes. Muziek maken ze in een oude schuur. Er zijn lieve live shows maar ze houden ook van pittig eten.

Bird on the Wire bestaat uit Rosa, Nina en Thijs, voor muziek en beeld kijk op de website.