Holland Open Software Conference

open content, open source, open model

15 Jun 2006
17 Jun 2006

A three day conference on open software- how to manage it, use it, create is and be happy with it. With Jimbo Wales on Wikipedia, Tristan Nitot on Mozilla Europe, Chikai Ohazama on Google Earth, and other speakers on subjects such as mobile/wireless technology and standardization.

Do Open Methods enable the creative process?
Which community model leads to the most effective innovation?
How do Open Models lead to sustainable results?
What are the technological enablers of the Open Model?
How to cope with the risks and benefits of the Open Model?
When is the closed model more effective than the Open Model?
Is the Open Source model a viable alternative for the traditional educational system?
What are the successful results delivered through the Open (Source) Models, and how were they realized?

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