Smart Graphics 2006

I think the pictogram is telling me to jump out of the window

23 Jul 2006
25 Jul 2006

How human reasoning functions aided with visual representations, how visual representations break down the complexity of problems and finally how to build systems that can adapt their graphical representations to their user and to the information they are displaying.

Intelligent Text Processing And Placement
Efficient View Management for Dynamic Annotation Placement in Virtual Landscapes (Stefan Maass, Jürgen Döllner)
Predictive Text Fitting (Xiaofan Lin)
Agent-Based Annotation of Interactive 3D Visualizations (Timo Goetzelmann, Knut Hartmann, Thomas Strothotte)

Perceptive Systems
Experiments in the Perception of Causality (Eric Neufeld, Jeff Solheim, Sonje Kristtorn)
Causal Perception in Virtual Environments (Jean-luc Lugrin, Marc Cavazza, Marc Buehner)
Deep Surrender: Musically Controlled Responsive Video, (Robyn Taylor, Pierre Boulanger)

Smart Visualization
Hierarchical-temporal Data Visualization Using a Tree-ring Metaphor (Roberto Theron)
AudioRadar: A metaphorical visualization for the navigation of large music collections (Otmar Hilliges, Phillipp Holzer, René Klüber, Andreas Butz
Visually Supporting Depth Perception in Angiography Imaging (Timo Ropinski, Frank Steinicke, Klaus Hinrichs)

Visual Features, Sketching, and Graphical Abstraction
A Modified Laplacian Smoothing Approach With Mesh Saliency (Zhihong Mao, Lizhuang Ma, Mingxi Zhao, Zhong Li)
3D Sketching with profile curves (Florian Levet, Xavier Granier, Christophe Schlick)
Sketch L-System: Global Control of Tree Modeling Using Free-form Stroke (Takashi Ijiri, Shigeru Owada, Takeo Igarashi)
Feature-preserving, Accuracy-controllable Freeform Surfaces for Web-based Surgical Simulations (Akira Wakita, Masahiro Kobayashi, Hiroaki Chiyokura)

Intelligent Image and Film Composing
Through-The-Lens Cinematography (Marc Christie, Hiroshi Hosobe)
Explorations in declarative lighting design (Hai Nam Ha, Patrick Olivier)
A Photographic Composition Assistant for Intelligent Virtual 3D Camera Systems (William Bares)

Smart Interaction
Copy-paste Synthesis of 3D Geometry with Repetitive Patterns (Shigeru Owada, Frank Nielsen, Takeo Igarashi)
Smart Sticky Widgets: Pseudo-haptic Enhancements for Multi-Monitor Displays (Malcolm Rodgers, Regan Mandryk, Kori Inkpen)
The EnLighTable: Design of Affordances to Support Collaborative Creativity (Lucia Terrenghi, Torsten Fritsche, Andreas Butz)

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