Digital Sex

80's Style Triple Feature

25 Aug 2006

Three flicks of 80's glamour at Castro Theatre's midnights for maniacs. Heartbeeps, Weird Science and Joysticks will pass through the projector, if you're still able to stand, the after party is neigh.

Directed by Allan Arkush, with Andy Kaufman, Bernadette Peters, Randy Quaid, Christopher Guest, Paul Bartel, Dick Miller and the voice of Jerry Garcia
Kaufman gives the performance of his film career as a Latka-esque robot who escapes destruction and falls in love with the sexiest android in the factory, played by Peters. Stan Winston’s disturbing special effects are a sight to be believed but nothing beats Jerry Garcia (yes, Jerry!) as the voice of the couple’s baby robot!! Oh, bring your kleenex, seriously. Note: Due to the short length of HEARTBEEPS, the film will be preceeded by a special trailer collection of yr favorite yet not forgotten computerized films.

Weird Science
Directed by John Hughes with Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock, Bill Paxton, Robert Downey Jr., Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Michael Berryman
Freaks, geeks, and tons of twin peaks! This innocently sexist new wave classic is easily one of the best of its kind. Relive those adolescent days when you and your friend put bras on your head and created the ultimate super-woman (LeBrock) by electrocuting a Barbie doll into a super-computer!

Directed by Greydon Clark with Jonathan Gries, Joe Don Baker, Jim Greenleaf, Leif Green, Scott McGinnis, Corrine Bohrer
This forgotten T&A classic not only has the greatest theme song of the 1980’s (“Totally awesome video games!???), it combines everything you loved from that preposterous decade: Valley girls, arcades, nerds, slobs, boobies, left-over hippies and the all time greatest punk gang, The Vidiots (led brilliantly by Jonathan Gries of Napoleon Dynamite fame.) Help save the arcade from being closed down by those evil conservative townsfolk and yeah. Play some games while you’re at it!

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