ZeroOne San Jose

art and digital culture

7 Aug 2006
13 Aug 2006

The displays of this 6 day smash will include Wifi ArtCache by Julian Bleecker, DIY Urban Challenge by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki, Datamatics by Ryoji Ikeda, MILKproject by Esthe Polak and Leva Auzina, LifeForm:Telekinetics by Jeff Mann, Ben Fry/ Casey Reas and the Processing Posse and Jennifer Steinkamp with a whole building. Id est, all your best friends.

The various exhibitions are each centered around their own theme:
Transvergence, Pacific Rim, Interactive City, Edgy Products, Community Domain and Container Culture.
While here in the Netherlands shipping containers are used to house home-seeking students, in San Jose they will be harnessed as the white cube space of emerging artists.
Some of the work that will be on display at the containers is in*ex by Kate Armstrong, Bobbi Kozinuk, Simon Levin, Laurie Long, Leonard Paul, Manuel Pinaand Jean Routhier from Vancouver. Other participating cities included Auckland, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul and Oakland.
Live events include the Survival Research Lab night, with fire, explosions and robotics, Peter Greenaway and his never-absent mega-touchscreen for VJing (we'll see if he brings the pony) and Ryoji Ikeda and the AV festival original Datamatics.

Simultaneously will be the ISEA2006 symposium, with keynotes by Raqs Media Collective, workshops by the Wetware Hackers, Free Soil, IBM /Almaden Research Labs, Landstream, From Crisis to Bliss and more

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