The Benjolin

Build your own electronic fun-box

26 Feb 2011
  • 11:00
  • Worm
  • Achterhaven 148, 3024 RC Rotterdam

The Benjolin is a ‘noise box’ that is ‘bent by design’, meaning that it always has a definite amount of unpredictability, while it is still intuitive to play.


The Benjolin - source


In a one-day workshop, conducted by the buddies in electronic madness, Rob Hordijk and Joker Nies, participants will build a analog sound-device, that is very different from what you usually will find with other DIY-kits.
The kit will ONLY be availiable through attending the workshop, it is not sold separately. The Benjolin DIY-kit will be easy enough to build even for a beginner in electronics. After successfully building the instrument, which is guarantied with the help of Rob and Joker, the workshop participants will take home a versatile and very unique analog synthesizer that can can influence the behavior of other voltage-controlled modules through seven different control-voltages. It is also able to receive control-voltages for filter-frequency and both of it‘s oscillators.