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Nieuw Jurk is the label of Esther Meijer, graduated in 2004 in Arnhem with her collection Going Ape in Nieuw Jurk.
Nieuw Jurk is striking, colorfull and energetic. It’s influenced by elements of youthculture and classical garments, and is recognizable because of it’s cartoonesk and humoristic appearance, and wondrous approach.
Over-the-top yet wearable, with a refreshing silhouette and innovative use of materials, for people who want to stand out in a positive yet personal way.
The most important theme is the prevailing view on personal identity and the beauty ideal within our society and it’s images and issues. Playing with fixed body aesthetics, and a humoristic perspective on shapes, proportions and sizes.
Meijer presents her designs during fashionshows that lift fashion to higher plane and in special ways like fashionperformances with for example live music that will definitely cheer you up. Happy Nieuw Jurk!

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