Project: Wayne

Arabic Digital Clock

?ti si emit tahW

A digital clock that displays Arabic-Indic numerals

A digital clock or watch


arabicClock.jpg -

It uses arabic-indic numerals instead of the, well, arabic numerals that we are used to in western culture.

What is more everyday, more useful and practical, more Hema than a digital clock?

People who cannot or do not like to read western numbers and can't spring for a fancy analog clock
People who are learning arabic
People who want to show off their arabic-ness
Hipsters who want to have an everyday product with a twist

While traveling in Egypt and learning a little bit of arabic writing, I wanted to buy something like this but they told me there wasn't any such thing. The mass-produced parts from China with the western numbers were so cheap that nobody had ever bothered to do the engineering to produce a device like this.

custom liquid-crystal display.
basic digital watch/clock parts.

need someone with basic electrical engineering knowledge and skills.

Need help producing the custom LCD and programming the clock