Project: Etty Elbaz Griffioen

El HEMA Hagelslag

Arabic style for the dutch hagelslag

photos on boxes of hagelslag


Nami's hands with hagelslag - Etty Elbaz Griffioen

The use of hagelslag as henna decoration and hamsa/fatima's hand both known as amulets for protection and related to the arabic/oriental world

dutch chocolate ,hema typical tea cloth,clean look,alles good.........

people who enjoy good laughing and likes jokes about ants.

i took part at the koopavond and i was thinking about hagelslag as a very dutch "thing" , flying with my thoughts......thinking about the hagelslag also as artistic matierial that i can "paint" with.
it was just natural that i took it to my world of intrest

chocolate ,boxes and a good print

i got great help from mediamatic and the hagelslag boxes are on display at the exhibition