Noordereiland project

Call for artists

In the first weekend of june 2011 al least ten home’s of inhabitants of the Noordereiland (Northern-island) in Rotterdam will be transformed into public art spaces that, altogether, form a route covering to the island extents.


Kunst Kamers Rotterdam - Logo by Kunst Kamers Rotterdam

The theme for the first (pilot) edition of the route is inherent to it’s origin: the notion that different living rooms, chambers or kitchens are used as impulse to the work that they subsequently withhold.

While primarily confronted with a familiar environment, the rendezvous between resident and artist, artwork and onlooker, should result in a logical but on second hand alienating, surprising or on occasion vigorous experience.

The organization of KunstKamers (ArtRooms) kindly invites artists to participate. For entering you have to send them a basic proposal on your work or idea and additionally give your view on how your work handles or acts together within the given domestic environment.

Besides the residential works, artists or initiatives are invited to suggest urban related performances, installations or short films on outside locations throughout the island.

The foremost intent of KunstKamers is to cover production costs, travel or transportation expenses up to a maximum of one-thousand Euro. Two weeks prior to the route project-space De Zwarte Ruyter will be open for production and consideration and will provide resource and beverage’s. At this time the houses of participating inhabitants will be open for on sight positioning or producing of the works.

Finally a catalogue/ magazine will be produced and spread throughout the Netherlands.