opening locatie:KANALENEILAND

Expodium's new location

1 Apr 2011

On April 1st we open a new location from which we explore just those things that make a city so interesting.


locatie:KANALENEILAND - Rogier Brom




01.04.2011 | from 4 pm
Auriollaan 98 | Utrecht

To give our programme a proper boost, we realise locatie:KANALENEILAND. A place from which we organize actions in public space with artists and initiatives in the neighborhood. In doing so, we want to broaden insights on the role of art in redevelopment like it is planned in Kanaleneiland. For at least three years, we will be critically looking at this development from within.

During the opening, several interventions will take place by artists we’ve been working with since 2010:

Francesca Grilli
Francesca points your gaze towards the fleeing memories in an abandoned building.

Chris Meighan
Strolling through the area, Chris poses the question of how critical the position of an audience is towards a message.

Ruth Sacks
What if you look at a building like as if it's an animal? The city as an exotic zoo. Ruth will be presenting her new publication 'An Extended Alphabet. The Utrecht Bestiary Vocabulary' (edited by Expodium).