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She was born in Istanbul. She studied philosophy in Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, did not graduate.

She decided to shoot a film when she was working in Moscow. She returned to Turkey in 2000. She was selected to the ‘Project of Young Filmmakers’ of Turkish Radio Television (TRT) and shot her first short film, titled Makyaj/Make-up.

She started to publish a monthly magazine called FUQ, ‘Frequently Unasked Questions’ in Istanbul, Turkey. She came to Cyprus in the beginning of 2003. She made a TV programme called FUQ for local TV channels and her articles published in Cypriot newspapers and magazines.

To give more time to write a book about Cyprus and making a film, she decided to leave the media. She was selected to Manifesta 6 European Biennial of Contemporary Art organized by the International Foundation Manifesta (IFM) as one of 4 artists from North Cyprus. But Manifesta 6 is cancelled at the last minute because of political reasons related to Cyprus problem.

She shot Nar Yarası/The Wound of Pomegranate, a bicommunal film in January, 2007 and completed it in March. In 2008, she made one short, Denizbozan/Sea Needler and a documentary, Tarihin Hızlandırıldığı Ada/Island where the History is Accelerated.

As an independent filmmaker she makes her own business to be able to shoot more independent films without claiming any support neither from governmental institutions nor international film foundations.

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