TROUBLE #7 , Les Halles de Schaerbeek

Assoluto / The Absolute

29 Apr 2011
30 Apr 2011

Branko Miliskovic will be performing his new long term piece ASSOLUTO/THE ABSOLUTE, as a premiere on 29th & 30th of April 2011 , at Les Halles de Schaerbek, Brussels, Belgium


The Day of Defiance - photo by Mariette van Soesbergen The Hague/The Netherlands February 2010 Branko Miliskovic

Day 1: The Speech ,
29 April 2011 , 18-22h

The area is bounded by a black curtains, illuminated by dramatic lighting, a wooden platform is situated in the center. The image may be reminiscent of Lenin addressing to the crowds. The speech is intense, hypnotic, convincing. The voice resonates with the same strength as a major public speeches. The public is a fictitious nation.

Day 2: The Day of Defiance
30 April 2011 , 18-22h

The performer, surrounded by four red flags, is ready for a battle that will never happen. It starts with pledge to the flag,waiting for the song of Sacred War, following by intensive salutations, hopes and debacles . The final hour, at last, is the beginning of the battle ...

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