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I move to Amsterdam the beginning of june (exactly on the 1st). I'm looking for a not so expensive room in a shared apartment starts from the 1st of june for 10 or more months. I don't care which part of the city, also doesn't matter how is it look like, how small etc. Mainly i need a separated own room in a shared apartment, internet, heating, warm water, shared washing mashine, shared gas oven, microwave oven, and that's it. Cool flatmates in the other room(s) would be a cheerful extra:-)

I've been living in student hostels and rented apartments shared with others since the age of 13, so i'm quite practiced in living with people:)

For the moment i live and work in Zeist. I'm available to see the room on weekends mainly.

Over english I speak conversational level italian and spanish. Nederlands: ik lere, maar ik sprek it niet so goed.

Note: i don't need registration, as i'm already registered.


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  • rita jonyer