Plug-In; P /AKT nr.3


23 Dec 2006
24 Dec 2006
  • 19:00 -3:00
  • PAKT
  • Zeeburgerpad 53, 1019 AB Amsterdam

Plug-In is keeping up with the quickness of contemporary zapp culture.

With the project Plug-In; P/AKT investigeates the question wether a regular Art opening by itself is interesting enough. Should the initiative focus on the elite, a small group of interested people, or should it offer entertainment to attract a larger audience?
Are perfomances and DJ's just a welcome addition or can the present art generation only enjoy themselves if art is mixed with a night out/

This night will be a tour across a couple of fernisages.

19.00 Open

  1. Radio Rietveld: Live broadcast at 105.6 FM,,
  2. Lambert Kamps: ‘A Christmas Carol’
  3. Uta Eisenreich & Zhana Ivanova: ‘Told’ (video, 2006)
  4. Marc Claeijs: ‘PFFF…’, (video)

Opening #1 Kattenbak Collective
Title: In-stand
Artists: Marieke Coppens, Tabo Goudswaard en Patrick van Ginkel

21.00 # Jan & Romke (spoken word on music)

Opening #2 Chiellerie
Title: What You Need To Make It
Artists: Elsa Popine, Erika, Hedwig van der Heiden, Apostolos Ntelakos, Luciënne Köhler, Lena Davidovich, Imke Ruigrok, Panos Mitsopoulos, Isabel Cordeiro, Menso Groeneveld, Esther Kerkhof, Nanna Lahn, Rikje Theunissen, Laurens Hensbergen, Inge van der Ven, Frank Konink, Sandor Klijn, Julie Dassaud, Igor Krajinovic, Patrick Schreuder, Tony Hofman, Aquil Copier.

22.30 # Krause (electro punk performance)

Opening #3 Horse Move Project Space:
The youngest and most hip exhibitionspace for your cultural night out in the city of Amsterdam!
Title: It will stick!
Artists: Oscar Peters en Zoro Feigl

Festive finissage
00.00 # Different Trains
0.30 # Garçon Taupe (mixing desk and a couple of keyboards)
01.30 # ADEPT (noiserockscapes)
00.00 - 03.00 # Kid Goesting i.s.m. Roald van Oosten (Ghost Trucker)