The art of permanent Laughter

Mediummatic, 5 days of alternative communication

7 May 2008
7 May 2008

'Mediummatic' was a series of performances and workshops in the Sleep-Inn. This first night was all about having a laugh. A session of laughing meditation for all participants was given by Dhyan Sutorius.


Laughing - Photo by Khetriwal, found on Flickr


Evening (19.00-21.00)

-Ritual Energy Cleaning of the space (19.00-21.00)
Performance by Melanie Bonajo and Kinga Kielczynska
-De Kunst van het Lachen (20.00 - 21.00)

- Laughing meditation workshop with Dhyan Sutorius, M.D. of the Centrum ter Bevordering van het Lachen te Duivendrecht (NL).

During this session, laughing relaxed all participants physically and emotionally. Nobody had to force themselves to laugh, we all did it with or without a reason and every time it felt like we were laughing for the first time in our lives. The essence was accepting, letting-go and B E I N G conscious.

The laughing meditation session= 1. stretching, 2. laughing (and, if you wish crying), 3. silence.
Dhyan Sutorius worked as a family doctor, ship's doctor and dermatologist. Since 1978 he has conducted laughing meditation sessions at congresses and meetings. Check out the website for more information.

Night and Morning Rituals
Everyone could stay overnight! Everyone with a reservation for a sleeping place in the Sleep-Inn was welcomed in a performance friendly environment with nocturnal care. There was space for 50 people per night and sleeping bags were there to rent. Moreover, the admission was free if you had a Temporary Museum Passepartout or a ticket to the Art Amsterdam.

All participants got woken up in the morning by the lovely hosts Kinga and Melanie. Breakfast was coffee tasseography, dream interpretations and a Blessing of the Day ceremony.