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Save Mediamatic, Waag Society, WORM, STEIM, NIMk, V2_, Submarine Channel

Dutch government spending on the arts will be severely reduced from 2013 onwards. The remaining funds will be directed at traditional, established art forms and museums.


Piggy bank - Savings in The Netherlands: 300 billion Art: 0,49 billion. Made by Abel, Niels and Willem.

Institutional support for new media culture, which has been cultivated with great care over the past 30 years, will be eliminated.

With the plans accepted by Parliament on Monday June 27th, Mediamatic, Waag society, WORM, STEIM, NIMK, V2_ and Submarine Channel will lose ALL their government funding. And from 2013 onwards there will be no development platform for Media Art in The Netherlands.

Sustaining the Dutch infrastructure for New Media Art requires a mere 1% of the national arts budget for cultural institutions. Help us to prevent this destruction and retain support for new media arts.