On 30.May.2009 - Come to A1 & film 'A Floating Highway'!

A piece of cloud will appears and floats above A1 road in Holland on 30 may. Come to A1 with any thing that can film to make your personal footage of this happening !

30 May 2009
30 May 2009
  • Intro:

'A Floating Highway' is an happening appears as a piece of Cloud that will be flying & floating parallel above the A1 highway in Holland.

The movement of this floating Cloud will be 'mirroring' the entire route of A1 highway by flying above the route of A1 from Amsterdam area until German border. 4 to 5 Piaggio Focke Wulf 149 D are going to make the Moving Cloud by releasing white smoke stripe. Deserve to mention, the smoke will bring no-harmless to environment.

The Moving Cloud will dissolves within a small amount of time ( approximately : 1 min - it strongly depend on the then weather condition ). And when you look at it on the A1 zone field, standing in different spots, you will catch various sights of it.

  • We are now inviting you to join the happening and to film 'A Floating Highway' ! *

What to do?
Just come to the A1 road on 30. May, with any filming equipment you have ( including mobile camera with video option), and find any suitable place next to the A1 road.
The date & time of the happening will be announced by email in the 2nd week of May.
Or on project blog:afloatinghighway.tk
You will become a registered film-maker by sending email to us.
( see item ' Newsletter ' on project blog)

We'd like to collect your excellent personal footage of 'A Floating Highway', together with your filming location & your personal information. All your films is going to be edited into a 10 minutes documentary film, which is going to be showing in IAMA1 Manifestation 2009, from 26.June - 3rd. Sept.2009 on the A1 Road and other locations.

When you are agree, your personal info will be documented and published on both A Floating Highway official web-sire & a publication for IAMA1 Manifestation 2009.

The website will be launched in September. By then you will receive a special edition of 'A Floating Highway' documentary film DVD, with a certification of double signatures: signature from artist Xue Mu, and your own signature, which is method of indicating the authenticity of the art work.

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for any question, please contact Judith Vogt at: afloatinghighwaya1@gmail.com

Thanks for your time & attention !
we are looking forward to hear from you.

A Floating Highway working group
May. 2009


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