"Well, the way Oh be careful"

Well master on the master, I have practiced for so long, and also the find an opponent, so Liu Jing began to look forward to his arrival

"Mei you this is how, and how such a face, ah" when the door opened, my mother came out and said anxiously to see Mei
"No ~~~~~~ no it! On ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ on and on just accidentally get students to play with the" Rose said panic
"Oh, so ah, just hop Le also scared me," Mom said as interpretation of weight-bearing
Liu Jing Mei heard say this is not too happy, and very ashamed, because he said that to protect her, but this time ~~~~~~ helpless.
"Liu Jing have not come home, how to sit ah," Rose said happy mother
"Thank you, aunt No, I have a prior back, aunt good-bye."
Liu Jing of a person walking on the road, grew more and more angry, he determined, in order to prevent his sister Ouyang hurt again, he must taekwondo crash. Went ahead and went to a taekwondo control application, in addition to the school are trained to soak in the taekwondo shop, although it is hard but the thought of Ouyang will not hurt his sister had covered the endless power.
"You know, today will come to a new boxing Friends" a few students discussed Taekwondo Club
"Yes oh! I heard was a master Le" Another student also said
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