mareen scholl

poetry and trauma


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demanding intellectual illimitability
looking for intuitive confrontation
facing insight
balancing inertia and humility
taking responsibility
loosing fear
having myself and the rest

i work on self-realisation - self-abandonment - self-knowledge. all for the sake of development.
supporting isolation for the sake of cooperation.
teaching dichotomy.

urban, social and artistic development are essential.
i do conceptial design, management, organisation, realisation, PR, journalism, press and fund-raising for culture and culture economy.

my main working fields are creative urban development, urban space, creative scope, free niches, sustainability, agenda 21, culture/ arts and politics, arts in context, participative intervention, socio-political responsibility, professional and dilettante innovation, cooperative structures, multidisciplinarity, cross-departmental working, governance, cultural education/ mediation.

my love is the german language.

i am available.