an artistic inquiry after grandness (weidsheid)

22 Sep 2011

Working from the artist in residence location ‘P.A.I.R.’ at the beach near Scheveningen harbor, nine young artists dive into a three-week research on vastness (weidsheid).

... On September 22 at sunset (20:00h), they will present their findings. You are invited to this evening to share their experiences and unusual historical associations.

We advise you to bring warm clothes and convenient shoes, as part of the presentations will take place on the beach. There will be pancakes, drinks and a toasty fireplace!

Initiators of research:
Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum

Art Science department of KABK Den Haag, NL

Location: FAST Surfdorp Scheveningen harbor (tram 17), Den Haag


seascape -


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Participating artists:

Ben Terwel
Gaby Felten
Aron Birtalan
Marloes van Son
Ronald Schelfhout
Ludmila Rodrigues
Charlotte ‘t Hart
moritz Geremus
Ali Elgin