Patrick Harding

Patrick Harding is a freelance broadcaster, author, and adult teacher


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Patrick is best known for his interest in mushrooms and toadstools. His four books on the subject include two on edible species and his residential courses, which take place in many locations throughout Britain during September and October, concentrate on the identification of common and edible species; with practical sessions on how to cook them. He is also an expert on fungal folklore and the links between fungi and music, literature, medicine and Christmas.

Patrick Harding has written 8 books and has had many media appearances including 'The Flying Gardener', 'Castle in the Country'(three series), 'Richard and Judy', 'BBC Breakfast', 'The Natural History of Christmas', 'Britain's Best Wildlife: Nature's Top 40', Radio 4 'Up Country' and Radio 2 Chris Evans.

Patrick is keen to bring together science and the arts; on many courses he includes sessions on poetry and prose and one of his talks consists of garden poetry and prose readings set to beautiful slides.

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