Translation Station #4

Nikos Doulos and Joao Evangelista

15 Oct 2011

As a follow-up of their three previous translation stations, all based on their experiences in Detroit, Nikos Doulos and Joao Evangelista present the fourth and final translation station, this time in Kanaleneiland, Utrecht. The translation stations are stops in the process of testing experiences and knowledge learned in Detroit, against different contexts. As Expodium assigns the artists they send to Detroit to get their hands dirty in order to come up with projects that root in the urban situation there, this method is also applied to Kanaleneiland. Therefore, Translation Station #4 focuses on finding an appropriate way of applying the knowledge gained in Detroit to the social context of Kanaleneiland.


Are you people - By Nikos Doulos , found on Kanalen Eiland .

João Evangelista

15.00 Service Launch 1
21.00 Service Launch 2

What proverbial power lies dorment in a neighborhood like Kanaleneiland? What groups of people already have their own productive way of looking after their own? João Evangelista will be showing a straightforward way of producing power, kick-starting a communal way of working on a shared interest.

Nikos Doulos

20.00 Are You People?

Nikos Doulos' performative presentation is rooted in collecting information obtained while taking baby steps towards a collective doing. During his stay in Kanaleneiland this last month, he initiated contact with many local artists and initiatives and tested several ways of operating as a collective, focusing on the 'why' rather than the 'know how' of such an activity. The emphasis was put on its necessity as a format for doing and creating a sense of 'belonging to' instead of it being a top-down initiative.

Night Walkers #4


Night Walkers is a group of artists and residents in Kanaleneiland, Utrecht. They initiate night walks around the area. Meeting point: Front porch at Auriollaan 98!

Join Night Walkers and allow yourself to get affected by the urban night-scape.