Visible Data Specifications

Deadlines for visualizations

1/ Visualizations for web
- deadline for design proposals submissions = end of October
- first designers consult visualizations with partners organization in their country, after coordinators sends to ODS for some feedback
- final proposals designers should send directly to programmer Igor Kolenic visibledata[at] (should send vector graphic in formats .ai, .eps, .pdf, .cdr and info text that will explain the functionality in .txt format)
- 2 different visualizations of budgets from each country are enough for the web
2/ Visualizations for catalogue and exhibition
- deadline for submissions = middle of November
- designers should prepare in print quality (in .pdf instructions are details already mentioned)
- number of visualizations on specific problematic issues from each country is not specified (depends on the quality, the best will be exhibited and printed in catalogue)
- also these other outputs can be added to the gallery on the web site

designers from Mediamatic suggested to create Forum on Mediamatic web site for further communication about designs

Catalogue (newspaper)

- will contain ALL FINAL SELECTED visualizations and works from all 6 countries / all budgets and visualizations of problematic issues (slovakia, serbia, hungary, poland, netherlands)
- the catalogue is the main output from the project and could be in form of newspaper, printed in big amount, for further easy distribution, quality of paper will be recycled newspaper paper, eventually cover will be in better quality paper
- will be presented 13th of December in Bratislava during opening of exhibition
- ODS is responsible for the main editorial and designing, Katarina from ODS is collecting all material, texts and images will be collected according to the deadline mentioned above
- all outputs printed in catalogue will be also published in the gallery on

Web site

- all outputs will be added for to the gallery too
- upcoming events need to be added in News (announcements of workshops, exhibitions, publications etc)
- main editor of web site is ODS, all images please send to Katarina, she will admin


- exhibition will be in Bratislava - opening in December 13th, 2011, exhibited will be selection of visualizations from each of 6 countries
- exhibition will be in Novi Sad - date of opening is not clear
- possibility of exhibition in Amsterdam is still open, depends on the final results and budget of Mediamatic
- curatorial of exhibition in Bratislava is OPEN DESIGN STUDIO, although co-curating will be necessary for the international part of the exhibition
(each country is selecting their best visualizations, after consulting with ODS and NAPON final selection will be made for both exhibitions)
- curatorial of exhibition in Novi Sad is NAPON, although co-curating will be necessary for the international part of the exhibition if they have such

Workshop in Amsterdam

- organization is up to Mediamatic, they choose the topic, content, mentors and how outputs should look like
- outputs of this workshop can be printed in a form of smaller newspaper and attachment to the main one /as additional part of catalogue/, or as poster...
- outputs could be also published in the gallery on