Visible Data

Financing Culture 2011 - 2012

Visible Data is a project by Open Design Studio in collaboration with Mediamatic, MOMEline, Napon, and STGU. It takes as its subject cultural policy, and the opaque manner in which information on financing culture is stored, distributed, and encountered. Graphic designers from Slovakia, Serbia, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic have independently tried, through data visualization, to make this information understandable and meaningful.


Visible Data 2011 - 2012 - Visible Data, Financing Culture 2011-2012 is an international collaboration originating from Bratislava. Visit for more information.


Visible Data, Financing Culture 2011-2012 has resulted in an exhibition and website. The exhibition takes place at Gallery PF01, in Bratislava, Slovakia. On the website users can generate their own data visualizations using existing data sets and designs. The website also features all the visualizations made by the graphic designers. A publication will follow.

Participating graphic designers

M. Armuš (RS)
A. Bárdy (HU)
M. Brkić (RS)
E. Čániová (SK)
M. Chmiel (CZ)
M. Ćosović (RS),
M. Dajč (RS)
Ex Lovers (CZ)
A. van Gijlswijk (Mediamatic, NL)
Á. Gryllus (HU)
G. Hangyás (HU)
M. Hendriks (Mediamatic, NL)
H. Hudáková (SK)
A. Jablonowska (PL)
M. Kacperek (PL)
J. Kočár (SK)
L. Kijonka (CZ)
D. Korzekwa (PL)
K. Lukić Balážiková (SK)
R. Mackovič (SK)
D.Malek (PL)
J. Mašita (CZ)
A. Masiukiewicz (PL)
B. Matis (SK)
V. Melicherová (SK)
B. Meluš (SK)
M. Mistrík (SK)
T. Niemiec (PL)
P.Nikolić (RS)
I. Palečková (SK)
H. Papadopulos (GR/RS)
B. Pospischil (PL)
I. Radmanovac (RS)
M. Rusin (PL)
A. Salomon (PL)
L. Segečová (SK)
L. Šimková (SK)
J. Toman a B. Toman Tylová (CZ)