Lecture Series AGE-ISM: I am no Barbarian, I am an Alien!

Program (12-20hrs) investigating upon what surrounds us, but we cannot see - our second planet.

28 Mar 2012

Lectures and performances by: Regine Debatty - We Make Money Not Art, Thomas Thwaites, Jerszy Seymour and Alan N. Shapiro & Anja Wiesinger.


I am no Barbarian, I am an Alien -

I am no Barbarian, I am an Alien !

In “I am no barbarian, I am an alien!” we make a radical trip to our second planet; beyond the visible man-made landscape; into the aerial, circulative systems of the built world. What surrounds us, but we cannot see.
Propelled by the circulation of speed and virtuality we leave history behind. Since at this rate, the idea of history ends as the programmed rules the experienced, capital escapes into the universal and scarcity becomes obsolete. “We have the particle accelerator that has smashed the referential orbit of things once and for all,” Baudrillard wrote before the accelerator presented us with something faster than the speed of light. No surprise for the barbarians, time travel already exists in science-fiction. I, however, am no barbarian. I am an alien!


12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Lecture by Regine Debatty We Make Money Not Art
14:00 - Lecture by Thomas Thwaites Speculativism
15:00 - Food and Drinks
15:30 - Lecture by Alan N. Shapiro & Anja Wiesinger The Model Precedes the Real
16:45 - Drinks
17:15 - Lecture & Performance by Jerszy Seymour A General Theory of Design
18:15 - Dinner, Drinks and Music


Entrance for all lectures is free, please reserve via age.ism.lectures@gmail.com
Check: http://dirtyartdepartment.com/

AGE-ISM is curated by Elise van Mourik
Scenography by Laure Jaffuel,
Music by Matthias Dolder,
Food by Piedro Bolas, Aliki van der Kruijs
Moderation Guy Königstein