Diana Ibáñez López

Editor & Occasional Contributor

Born in Spain, Diana moved to England at a young age and has continued migrating since, following a fascination for cities and the social and material systems that define them. While studying Architecture at Cambridge University she co-founded the ICT development conferences and developed research interests in frontier urbanism, which she took up again in her MA thesis on Transnational Studies, with a focus on the role of blank space in mapping Gibraltar and Hebron's internal and national boundaries. Diana has worked at MGAARQTOS in Valencia (2006-7) and MVRDV in Rotterdam (2007-9). In 2008 she also wrote for the Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture, and in 2011-12 joined the editorial team of Phaidon's C20th World Architecture Atlas. In 2009-10 Diana was based in Cairo mapping micro-scale infringements of the official urban order and the impact of infrastructure on habit. She also worked as a journalist and creative editor for a Cairo design magazine. This year she co-founded postscript.ps, a playful research group with a focus on archiving realities of Hebron beyond the dominant peace-conflict narrative; the Middle East continues to be a major focus of her research, as much for its rapidly evolving urbanism as for its creative flexibility - two vital ingredients of PLAY.