Autumn Reversed - Herfst in Winter - Otoño Inverso

Art installation by Alejandro Propato

As in a reversed autumn, we give back the leaves to the trees, a new cycle begins.
Autumn Reversed is an art project that brings back the autumn colours to the winter season.


Autumn Reversed. San Telmo. Buenos Aires. Argentina. (A. Propato) - Otonio Inverso. San Telmo. Buenos Aires. Argentina Victoria Luna

Autumn Reversed ( is an art project, which involves the intervention of urban trees. It aims to bring back the autumn colors in the winter season.

The intention is to provide an unexpected landscape, in this case the autumn colors during winter time.
To reproduce the autumn landscape we work with hundred of color lines through the naked tree branches, creating a geometric tree crown.

Along with all human efforts to retrieve autumn colors, “Otoño Inverso” (Autumn Reversed) recalls the “nostalgie” or “saudade”, the subtle wish to bring back something lost after time has passed.

The first installation of “Otoño Inverso” (Autumn Reversed) was in the winter of 2008 on the courtyard of Plaza Defensa cultural centre in the traditional neighborhood of San Telmo. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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