Paddestoelen Paradijs Opening 2: Mushroom Music

Friday May 25, 20:00

The last of the Paddestoelen Paradijs opening party's features two mushroom- and mold concerts: one analogue, one digital. On view are new artworks including a mold battle arena and photographs of radioactive mushrooms by Takashi Homma. Join us for food, drinks, and a mold battle. Please RSVP online.


The Secret Sounds of Spores installation - This is an image of the laser reading the falling mushroom spores. Image taken from the website of the artist and can be found here .

Mushroom spores concert by the DNK Ensemble

Hidden under every mushroom, invisible to the naked eye, thousands of spores fall and are blown away by the tiniest current of wind. In The Secret Sound of Spores, an installation by Yann Seznec and Patrick Hickey, lasers render these spores visible. Koen Nutters wrote an arrangement for the DNK Ensemble to accompany the falling spores.

Mold-based synthesizer concert

The second concert comes courtesy of David de Buyser, who developed a digital synthesizer called the F-Box. The F-Box uses molds and bacteria to produce sound. David will reveal the synth for the first time tonight, and collaborate with Younes Zarhoni on the first mold-based synthesizer concert ever.

More information

Paddestoelen Paradijs Opening 2: Mushroom Music takes place on Friday May 25th at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam. Doors open at 20:00. Entrance is free, but please do RSVP online to let us know you're coming. Paddestoelen Paradijs is open daily until July 1st.