Mediamatic Magazine 3#1 1 Jan 1988

Floating with lightness

An unusual analysis of Tintoretto's The Creation of the Animals

The most exciting art-work we discovered this summer in Venice was in the GALLERIE DELL’ACCADEMIA: TINTORETTO's The Creation of the Animals(see MAURICE NIO). We see someone depicted with an almost unequalled immediacy: GOD himself (see PAUL GROOT, GERT MEYERINK).

At that time (the fourth day) he as yet didn't have to lurk behind the Gates of Heaven (see BIL WET) and could calmly turn up on Earth without hoardes of fans ripping his clothes off (see MAURICE NIO). If he didn't look so elderly, the unsuspecting onlooker would have taken him for the then well-known NARCISSUS (C.H. VAN WINKEL, PAUL GROOT) in search of a pool. But it is GOD we are looking at, like a rising sun (ALFRED BIRNBAUM), an astral body (PAUL GROOT), he floats above the land, effortlessly performing his enormous daily tasks with a lightness and perfect control of movement and pose - like a virtuoso figure-skater (PHILIP HAYWARD).

His halo is more radiant than the moon's. Moonwalk (MAURICE NIO). GOD does the Moonwalk: radiantly illuminated he performs for a future audience of billions. As the ultimate choreographer and showman he is the inspiration for the 20th century media practice. NAM JUNE PAIK created his Family of Robots (PAUL GROOT) in his likeness; KATARINA WITT (PHILIP HAYWARD) dances him; IFP (GERT MEYERINK) helps itself to his resources. MICHAEL JACKSON (MAURICE NIO) goes the furthest: he surrounds himself with animals; does his dance, imitates his features with plastic surgery. Finally the puzzle is solved- JACKSON appears to be a virtuoso but humble interpreter: he is emulating GOD.