Imagine juice, yogurt, ice cream, fruit wrapped in delicious natural edible packaging.

Wikicells enclose food and drink inside soft skins.


WikiCells - WikiCells, self-contained, edible packaging for liquids, mousses and emulsions. Image found on Coolhunting's website. Phase One Photography

WikiCells are not gadgets. They were created with the aim of reducing overwrap waste, making the most of the available natural resources. The membrane that houses the various WikiCells flavors is made from vegetal elements, with a taste deliberately paired to match its contents. WikiCells’ skin is 100% natural and edible, offe- ring added value to the taste of the product it encapsulates. The gelatinous skin of the WikiCell, while for the most part created from natural particles, does have some hard science in the form of biochemical polymer chitosan and alginate, or algae extract. The hard shell of the WikiCells, which protects the form and prevents breakage, is made either from bagasse, a fibrous residue from sugar cane, or from isomalt, a sweetener. WikiCells can be washed like a piece of fruit, eliminating the need for extraneous packaging.

Imagined by David Edwards and developed with the designer François Azambourg, as part of the evolving project from Paris-based Le Laboratoire.