Alie Sonneveldt

The Note Swap

A project by The Art House Co-op

An organization that knows art, community and swapping.


The Note Swap - The fun experience of receiving a handwritten note. Found here The fun experience of receiving a handwritten note.


Art House Co-op, an organization based in Brooklyn, New York, which organizes global and collaborative art projects.


The Note Swap is a project which includes all kinds of random people. Everyone was able to participate, until they reached a thousand participants. The project evolved around swapping handwritten notes, which were send to a total stranger by the Art House Co-op. In exchange you got a letter back from someone you didn’t know, all this to experience the feeling of waiting for a letter and reading a poem or maybe a secret from someone you had never met.

Being an organization that focuses on collaborative work, swapping is an obvious outcome. The Note Swap is a very clear swap, but al their projects have a swap-like character.


They use the notion of swapping in a really broad sense and include a big number of artists. This creates a broad platform for these artists, which get known through these projects, but they also get inspired by the other artists.