research into mycelium for (product)design

opportunities & surprises of mycelium

3D applications of mycelium, not realisable in any other way, keyword: myceliumopencall

research of mycelium for 3D applications, added value through surprising properties not, or only difficult reachable by other means

up until now mycelium has been mainly used as a food source, bio reactor to produce medicin, vitamins etc. In design I see a lot of possibilities not yet explored

set up a research into 3 dimensional structures created by mycelium. how to create them, on what substrate, with which outcome. (what has been doen already, where can I find an option to contribute)

it would be beautiful to create let objects grow. to give the fungus the "framework" to produce a "thing" that is otherwise difficult and/or expensive to make or that gives an extra dimension of beauty and or weird adorability