Launch of CITIES The Magazine #02


14 Nov 2012

CITIES The Magazine issue #02 "EMERGING CENTERS" examines how recently urban research and explorations have shifted attention to 'bottom-up' initiatives mitigating the impacts of 'top-down' approaches to urban development. In this way, we address the challenges of autonomous initiatives and how policy makers, planners and citizens are dealing with this subject today. Moreover, EMERGING CENTERS analyses the relationship between center development and civic involvement. While urban planners and designers can position a center by aggregating several urban functions in order to optimize access to transport and services, the feeling of a "center" can be described as a shared urban experience, which is not always the outcome of a planned urban typology. While looking at how a center can be created, in practice, policy or just spontaneously, CITIES experiments for the first time the dynamic process of publishing on IPad.

The launch will take place at Parkhuis de Zweijger, Wednesday the 14th of November at 19.30. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

The publication is available after the launch for free on ITunes.


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