Biodiesel Workshop

Thursday 25 October 19.00-22.00: Brew your own energy

Learn the ins and outs of making biodiesel during this hands-on workshop. If you can't come this Thursday you can also join the workshop of November 1st. Performance artist and diesel-know-it-all João Negro will teach you the how and why of turning waste into energy. Get your ticket(s) online: you can pay with money or join the workshop in exchange for some volunteer work.


Biodiesel workshop, mixing ingredients - Proper protection for the toxic fumes Barbara Mair

The workshop

We start the workshop with an introduction into the history, usage and alchemy of bioiesel. After a demonstration by the trainer, you will have a go at the process yourself. After just a few hours you will have made your own bottle of biodiesel, ready to take home and use! Click here for a Youtube video from the first workshop.

Mediamatic and alternative production

At Mediamatic we are experimenting with sustainable technologies. We are growing mushrooms and our own fish and vegetables in a vertical aquaponics farm, and teaching other people how to do so, too. Our produce is prepared in the Diesel Kantine, which runs on local energy, and provides food for the local community. A small-scale, sustainable canteen.

More information

The workshop takes place at Mediamatic Fabriek, Oostenburgereiland Amsterdam on October 25, from 19.00 to 22.00. Workshops will be held every Thursday evening at this time. Get your ticket(s) here. You can either pay with money (€ 45,-) or exchange the workshop for three days of volunteer work at our exhibition space. In that case, 'buy' the €0,- volunteer-ticket. Please e-mail Deborah Meibergen if you have any questions. The workshop language is English.