Cracking the Frame - INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE film premiere

Special screening at cinema Rialto Amsterdam

18 Dec 2012

Cracking the Frame presents an international selection of critically acclaimed art related documentaries and artists’ films.
The monthly film series focuses on the creative intersection between art and film through experimental documentaries and cinematic portraits of the life and work of established contemporary artists, filmmakers, writers and global thinkers.
Each film is theatrically unreleased in The Netherlands and will be screened at Rialto in English or with English subtitles.


Film Poster - Indie Game The Movie film poster


Lisanne Pajot & James Swirsky
Canada | 2012 | 94 min

With the twenty-first century comes a new breed of artist: the indie game designer. These innovators imagine, design and program their distinctly personal games in the hope to successfully share their creative visions with the world.

After two years of painstaking work, designer Edmund McMillen and programmer Tommy Refenes await the release of their first major game for Xbox, Super Meat Boy - the adventures of a skinless boy in search of his girlfriend, who is made of bandages. At PAX, a major video-game expo, developer Phil Fish unveils his highly anticipated, four-years-in-the-making FEZ. Jonathan Blow considers beginning a new game after creating Braid, one of the highest-rated games of all time.

Gorgeously filmed and edited, Sundance Festival 2012 winner INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE is a compelling exploration of the creative world, the dreams, hopes and fears of indie game develepores in their struggle to develop their own artistic vision. Four developers, three games, one ultimate goal— to truly express oneself through a video game.

The screening will be introduced by Cracking the Frame curator Christian Pazzaglia.

Press quotes:

“Possibly the most mature look at video games yet,” Indiewire

“Well-crafted and intelligent, this film is an illumination of the agony of creation, the self-doubt, the obsession, the life sacrifices that are the core, not merely the side-effects of those who define themselves through "art." - The Hollywood Reporter

“INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE is more than just a film about video games, it's an examination of the artistic spirit and the latest evolution of independent artist.” - Film Threat

“INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE lays bare the passion behind the pixels, revealing the sweat, tears and sleep deprivation that go into trying to make the latest gaming sensation. […] A bracing, honest confession about these interactive creations, voiced by one designer but no doubt applying to many more makers of all kinds: “I made it for myself.” - The New York Times

“Makes a compelling case for games as not only clever hand-eye coordination exercises, but also as manifestations of their creators' emotional and philosophical viewpoints.” - Slant Magazine