ikikik! party

Recycling performance + Andrea Crews fashion show

13 Sep 2008
13 Sep 2008

Due to popular demand Mediamatic decided to prolong Ikikik. A great reason to throw a party!


Old is the new new - Dressed up and upcycled image by Martin Butler, based on a photo by Piet van der Meer Martin Butler


On this celebratory vintage evening visitors had the chance to throw themselves into the big pile of vintage clothes and get dressed up for the party.

The night really kicked off with a performance at 20:30 hrs by Martin Butler and a group of dancers and performers, inspired by Andrea Crews' upgrading and the recycling concept. RECYCLING PERFORMANCE showed a recycled/ upgraded version of their old work... molded together into something new. "old" is the new "new".


All this was remixed with the Mediamatic FORECAST FASHION SHOW 2009 — 2010, with Andrea Crews, the ikikik! designers Marie Burlot, Jacob Kok, Py Tswang Jin, Sally Ovisi & Ivan Nunes.

The music was provided by ALL GIRL DJ NIGHT with DJ Wehkamp (alias Melanie Bonajo) and guest performances by DJ Neckermann (alias Janneke Raaphorst), DJ OTTO (alias Katja Novitskova) and DJ Secondhand (alias Vela Arbutina).

ikikik! prolonged to October 4th!

Due to massive success, Mediamatic decided to prolong Ikikik! (me me me!) with three weeks. This included the Upcycle Workshops and the Catwalk Training.