Hope Step Japan!

Post-Earthquake Japan Event

11 Mar 2012

On Sunday March 11, exactly one year after the devastating earthquake and the nuclear disaster that followed, there was a moment of reflection at Mediamatic Bank. The disaster has had a profound impact on many lives. Hope Step Japan! felt a strong urge to take some action and generated hope for the future.


Hope Step Japan! photo by Hiroshi Ono - Hiroshi Ono

Japanese people everywhere, including those in Holland, have been struggling with the effects of the earthquake on a daily basis. While it may seem easy to forget the earthquake disaster here in the Netherlands, this must not be allowed to happen. Will we learn from past mistakes?

New possibilities

The outcome of the Japanese earthquake underscores an urgent need to question these dangerous practices and to consider alternative approaches to energy production. Through this event, we examined what we can do as individuals to live more healthy, self-sustainable and in ecologically-sound ways.


Drawing on first-hand experience, this full-day program provided an opportunity to consider the real-life experiences of victims, and the notorious responses of TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) and the Japanese government. Kyoko Onishi, founder of Europe Yakuzen, and expert in 'Medicinal Cuisine', approached the earthquake in a scientific way in her lecture 'Fall out Japan'. In addition, we learned about support initiatives and citizen-responses not covered by the Japanese mass-media. Speakers from WISE Amsterdam, Greenpeace and Greenchoice presented a Dutch perspective on the topics. These have been presented and discussed through speeches, lectures, open discussions and exhibitions. In between, there were performances by several artists.

More information

Hope Step Japan! was held on Sunday March 11 from 11.00 - 20.00. This event was organized and practiced on a volunteer basis and all profit will be donated to earthquake relief.

For more information, check the website of Hope Step Japan!