Live cinema, music, and audio-visual performances

4 Jun 2013

CINéSTHESIA, an evening of live cinema, music, and audio-visual performances presented by OT301 in collaboration with STEIM


Andrew Blanton -

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Andrew Blanton / Vinkepeezer
Radboud Mens / Michel Banabila with video by Marco Douma


Date: 4 June
Time: 20:00 (doors open), 20:30 (performances begin)
Entrance: €6,-
Location: Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Andrew Blanton’s Panoptics (interactive visual/sound environment) & Vinkepeezer.

Andrew Blanton is a sound and visual artist. He received his BM in Music Performance from The University of Denver in June of 2008 where he studied on a partial scholarship and is currently studying a Masters in Fine Arts in New Media at the University of North Texas on a full scholarship. He is frequently performing percussion and audio environments around Dallas and Denver, and is helping curate the 3m3rg3nt |||eΔ¡å L∂ß (an artist run space in Texas). His current work focuses on cross-disciplinary emergence between art and technology, building sound environments through software development, and writing music for those environments.

Blanton will be performing after completing an artist residency at STEIM in the latter half of May 2013.

Panoptics is ultimately a exploration of the ephemeral nature of data and the virtual world that we are creating for ourselves. As new technology comes into existence, how do we as a culture understand the implications of that technology? How do we form a dialogue and understanding around the networks we have built? How are we as participants in the internet commodified, marketed, and sold?

For this evening Andrew Blanton collaborates with Vinkepeezer (Ivo Bol) live electronics / midi guitar. Ivo Bol is a composer, live performer and sound artist. Bol has composed music for ensembles, dance- en theatre performances, film and created sound installations. He has developed a live sampling and synthesis instrument using game controllers to trigger, sample and manipulate sounds in an intuitive and playful way.
Radboud Mens & Michel Banabila, visuals: video artist Marco Douma

Michel Banabila (Amsterdam 1961) is a sound artist, composer, and producer.
Banabila has produced musical scores for numerous films, documentaries, theatre plays and choreographies.
Banabila is especially keen on mixing disciplines and music styles, using elements and influences from jazz, electronic music, classical and world music. Therefore there is no particular genre to categorize Banabila’s music. In addition to acoustic instrumentation, Banabila uses electronics, field recordings, and recordings from radio, television and film. He collaborated with many different types of artists like Mete Erker, Machinefabriek, Holger Czukay, Scanner, Anton Goudsmit, and Zenial, among others. His music has been released by labels as Steamin Soundworks (NL), Staalplaat (DE), Tonecasualties (USA), Pork Recordings (UK), Respect Records (JP) and Challenge Records (NL). In 2003 he received the Edison Jazz Award for his CD with Eric Vloeimans, ‘VoizNoiz 3′.

Radboud Mens has been a sound-artist since the mid-eighties and is now living & working in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 1988 he started creating audio-installations and noise-machines. In 1994 he started out releasing noise using the project-names “Hyware” and “Technoise”, Hyware being very harsh noise and Technoise being rhythmic noise. As Hyware and Technoise he has done numerous noise-performances, standing-wave performances and concerts. Since 1997 he also started making music using his own name and has released a lot of vinyl and CD albums on many different labels like Staalplaat, Mutek and Touch. His music varies from electronic to conceptual music, sometimes almost ambient-drone-like and rhytmically often quite minimal. On labels like Audio-NL and Vynalogica he did a series of minimal-techno 12 inches. In live situations he also collaborates with video-artists like Remco Schuurbiers and Jpech. Together with Dan Armstrong he is the founder of the ERS label. As if it is not enough, he also was a dj for the Amsterdam free radio station Radio 100, where he did a show entitled “Earbitten”, for 16 years; between 1986 and 2003.