Weekend at the Favela

DIY / Eat / Play

29 Jun 2013
30 Jun 2013

Every Saturday and Sunday Mediamatic Fabriek was opened for workshops, food and other events. From 13:00 to 18:00 and sometimes later, you could drop by, rummage around, participate, watch, eat, stretch, or just hang out and listen.


Delicious food at Favelous - Erik Diekstra

This was the program of last weekend:

Saturday June 29

13:00 to 18:00 - Tours of the Freezing Favela.

13:00 to 18:00 - Tours of the Tostifabriek.

19:30 - Dinner in the bamboo-canteen by cook Carlos Portela. Enjoy a Portuguese dinner with sea food and other kinds of fish.

Sunday June 30

13:00 to 18:00 - Tours of the Freezing Favela.

13.00 to 14.00 - Hatha Yoga Class. Costs: €10,- including Club Mediamatic membership.

13:00 to 18:00 - Tours of the Tostifabriek.

15.00 to 15.30 - Feeding the fishes in the Aquaponics Farm.

16.00 to 18.30 - Vegan cooking workshop. Prepare a delicious vegan meal with lots of color. On the menu: apple-beet root tower salad, polenta pie with spinach and tomato salsa, arame with veggies, Chinese cabbage rolls, black and white lotus root tempura, apple-mango dessert with fresh summer fruits and berries. Price: €25,- (including a valid Club Mediamatic membership (€5,- for 4 weeks). For reservations: alexanderhythm@yahoo.com or 06-26445304.

16:00 to 18:30 - Jewelry workshop at Fools Gold using bicycle tires. Don't forget to bring your own tire repair kit. Costs: €20-,- including Club Mediamatic membership.

Freezing Favela

Freezing Favela was a temporary city at Mediamatic Fabriek. The space is big, unheated, and the roof leaks. Designers, cooks, and other makers had claimed part of this space as their own. In the Favela you could make tosti's from scratch, bricks from old newspapers, furniture from cardboard, and prepare food with ingredients from the aquaponics farm. Favela-citizens gave workshops and organized events and meals.