Rooftop Cinema Festival

Five nights of world cinema and more

7 Aug 2013
11 Aug 2013

The old train station at Hofplein in Rotterdam will serve as a pop up cinema for this rooftop cinema festival, catering to a legion of film fans also interested in taking part in nights themed 'Mexican Horror', 'Argentine Insanity' and 'Colombian Gangster' night. Roffa Mon Amour takes you on a bedazzling but above all inspiring world cinema journey.


Logo for the Rooftop Cinema Festival organized by Roffa Mon Amour - Found on the Facebook page of Roffa Mon Amour . Roffa Mon Amour


  • Wednesday 7th: Grand opening and screening of the opening film.
  • Thursday 8th: Colombian Gangster night with screening of the film La Playa D.C.
  • Friday 9th: Mexican Horror night with screening of the film Halley.
  • Saturday 10th: Argentine Intensity night with screening of the film Noche.
  • Sunday 11th: Indonesian Blind Love Story night with screening of the film What they don't talk about when they talk about love.

More information

Lots of other activities are planned before the film starts (at 9.30pm), like music, food, an introduction to the film and Skype Q&A's with the directors of the films. View the full afternoon and evening program here. Costs for film screening: €5,-.