Making PARK public

Discussing how to make the park space accessible

3 Sep 2013

For the last weeks an active group of people gathered at Mediamatic to discuss how they could contribute to the situation in Turkey and to set up projects for PARK. Check the project proposals here. Now there is a discussion about how to organise the space upstairs in the Mediamatic Fabriek available to the PARK project. The space is getting emptying out so will we fill PARK and make it open for public?


Müşfik introducing his proposal - During the weekly meetings we talk about things like new proposals and how to realize the older proposals that are made earlier. This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek.


PARK is a project initiated by a group of people who felt an urge to contribute to the protests in Turkey. What can we do from Amsterdam, how can our voices be heard?

Summary of the Meeting

The meeting started with the newest version of Sophie's teaser for the PARK project. The improvements that she has made were very good, but the only thing that is still missing is a Join option. To tell people that they can still join the PARK project.

After that Müşfik introduced a new proposal. He wants to make a game. A game with different elements. A beamer, short images, sound and perhaps even short movies. Requirements will follow later. It will be a permanent installation in the PARK. Where to put the installation is not yet clear, that has to be experimented.

Saturday september 7th there will be a swap market for the first time. This is the first event of PARK. The preparations will be on friday.

Gizem and Willem had a few ideas about gathering object from Istanbul for the PARK. Stuff like all sorts of flags, rescued art books and a petition about Turkish lessons.

There still some important points that we need to decide on. Things like: When is PARK open? Will there be an entrance fee? If not, who will be at the Mediamatic Fabriek to do the bar and cleaning, etc.? What do we want the press to know? How will we publish PARK to the press? What dat will PARK start and finish? And so on.

More information

Time: 19:00. Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Free dinner for participants.