Institude of Creative Minds

Institute of Creative Minds (ICM) is an Istanbul-based creative professionals network that was launched in 2010. ICM consists of various creative professionals such as designers, engineers, architects, musicians, authors, players, choreographers, and academicians who come together in order to create project-based experimental works. Casting a critical eye on the traditional approach, ICM develops projects on the use of public space and advocates an easier accession into information, design and art.


Institute of Creative Minds (ICM) - The network in which hundreds of creative professionals are involved doesn't have a commercial and corporate identity. Besides, the only way for a project to be carried out in the ICM network that neither works over brief nor behaves like an advertising agency is the existence of those who get excited about an idea.

Contact information

  • Institude of Creative Minds
  • Eski Banka Sokagi 5 Saint Pierre Han Galata
  • Beyoglu Istanbul
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